Preflex Solutions value added reselling partner in India for ComponentOne products. We provide customers with industry-leading solutions that address their need for mission-critical business applications. ComponentOne products will provide competitive edge to their customers.

In July of 2000, APEX Software and VideoSoft merged to become ComponentOne LLC. With the combination of APEX Software’s Windows-based tools and VideoSoft’s development tools, ComponentOne was able maximize its strengths in the US and international markets. After twelve years of operating as ComponentOne and continued success as a leading component vendor in both the Microsoft Visual Studio and HTML5/JavaScript markets, ComponentOne was acquired by GrapeCity. ComponentOne and GrapeCity had a strategic relationship in overseas markets since 1994, with collaborative products being ranked as the top bestselling products in Japan. The acquisition of ComponentOne by GrapeCity positioned the company as the forerunner in the Visual Studio industry. Together with a stronger team and increased resources, GrapeCity and the ComponentOne Studio products are positioned to lead and assist the development community.

With its long history of focusing on quality, GrapeCity first began as an English education provider in Japan in the early 1950’s. After much success in elementary education, GrapeCity expanded into the software and technology market, including application development tools for software developers. Through organic growth and acquisitions, like that of ComponentOne in 2012, the company has established a global footprint servicing numerous industries. Today, GrapeCity’s Developer Tools division is an award-winning Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, a premier Visual Studio Industry Partner and one of the world's largest providers of developer controls. The company has more than 850 employees and tens of thousands of customers worldwide.