Orchestrator Integration Packs

Kelverion develops a range of Integration Packs to extend and enhance the Microsoft System Center 2012 and 2016 Orchestrator IT Process Automation solution. The Integration Packs add new functionality as a plug in to Orchestrator to provide either:

- activities to communicate and exchange data with other third party systems e.g. BMC Remedy or

- add new functionality to make construction of Orchestrator runbooks simpler, faster and easier to support.

The Integration Packs released by Kelverion are for integration into enterprise management products not currently supported by the Microsoft System Cernter Integration Packs. Each Kelverion Integration Pack is provided as a licenced product which operates and loads in the same way as a Microsoft supplied Integration Pack with full support and updates.

Integration Packs range from free to $15,000 per licence including first year of software maintenance. A licence is required per Orchestrator Database instance, so typically customers require one licence for production plus licences for non-production environments.

Download the full list of current Integration Packs and the versions of target systems supported:

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Automation Solutions

Kelverion have been producing Integration Packs to extend and enhance System Center Orchestrator for over 6 years and we now have over 35 Integration Packs and utilities to make Orchestrator easier to use, but Orchestrator still installs as a blank canvas for you to build your own automations in.

Increasingly companies have been approaching us and saying we need to do this, surely you’ve done this before? Haven’t you got something you have already built we can reuse?

We have therefore identified the top uses cases we are asked for and the functionality our customers have requested and have used our Orchestrator expertise to create a set of Ready Build Automation Solutions.

Automation Solutions range in price from $4,000 to $8,000 per customer and require specific Kelverion Integration Packs which the solution installer checks for.

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Azure Automation

The all new Kelverion Runbook Studio provides rich graphical authoring of Azure Automation Runbooks without the need for a permanent internet connection or detailed PowerShell knowledge. The Studio also provides the ability to configure Kelverion Integration Modules with Smart Discovery for both Orchestrator SMA and PowerShell.

The Runbook Studio supports both standard PowerShell Modules and Kelverion Integration Modules with Smart Discovery.

The Integration Modules currently released by Kelverion are as follows:

  • Integration Module for Service Now
  • Integration Module for Microsoft SQL Server
  • Integration Module for BMC Remedy

We also provide pre-built runbooks authored in the Runbook Studio, current content available for download is:

  • Operations Management Suite (OMS) to Service Now
  • Operations Manager Routing & Remediation for Azure
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Kelverion Automation Portal

The key to achieving any large scale Operational savings is to be able to automatically fulfil Service Requests from your end users.

The first step in that journey is to be able to provide to your end users a Self-Service Catalogue of Offerings that they can request from IT. Over the last few years the acknowledged approach to this need is to leverage the Service Catalogue capability of the corporate Service Desk.

Many companies have faced challenges when trying to follow this approach because either Service Catalogue capability of the Service Desk is very limited or restrictive, the Service Catalogue takes a lot of time and scripting work to actually build any offerings or often the Service Desk is run by a dedicated Service Desk team who see no benefit to their Service Desk users from an IT Service Catalogue and thus are reticent to help IT implement one in their Service Desk.

What IT actually need is a Self-Service Catalogue capability which is dedicated to the needs of achieving IT automation, in which they can capture their Customer’s requests and then use the automation platform to integrate those requests back into the corporate Service Desk solution.

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