From focus groups to usability studies, Morae helps you gain insight into your user's experiences by providing you with powerful data. Record and remotely observe user interactions, efficiently analyze results, and instantly share your findings with anyone, anywhere.

Get great insights with Morae

Set up, record, observe, and analyze usability studies, focus groups, field research, and product testing. Watch the study or interaction remotely, take notes, and analyze results to instantly share your insights with others.

Software & web user experience testing

Morae provides you with hard data and undeniable examples of usability problems. It also automatically calculates and graphs effectiveness, efficiency, and satisfaction.

Market research & focus groups

Whether you gather customers around a formal conference table or sit down for a one-on-one, bring Morae along to capture the interaction, and share the results quickly.

Mobile device & hardware testing

Regardless if it’s a mobile phone, GPS unit, or an espresso machine, you can improve the design of your product by testing it in the hands of real customers.


Save Time by Having All Your Data in One Place

Test Efficiently, Get Started Faster, Customizable for Your Needs , Capture More , Dig Deeper, Get Test Assistance

Monitor Important Research Moments

Gain Valuable Insight , Log Smarter , Easily Communicate , Share Your Session, Collect Powerful Data,

Analyze, Visualize, and Share Results Quickly

Review Data in Less Time ,Fast, Automatic Analysis , Present Results Easily , Analyze Results Efficiently, Quick and Secure Online Sharing, Professionally Document Results.

More Ways Morae Helps Analyze, Visualize, and Share Easily

  • Variable speed playback
  • Ability to import pre-recorded video files
  • Text and audio annotation
  • Exportable data tables
  • Built in video editing
  • Customizable picture-in-picture video
  • And more..