Complete Reporting and Business Intelligence (BI) tools for Visual Studio.NET.

ActiveReports Reporting/BI Suite for .NET premium value pack includes: ActiveReports 6 Professional, ActiveAnalysis and Data Dynamics Reports. ActiveReports 6 Professional is written in managed C# and provides integration with the Visual Studio .NET IDE. This allows Visual Studio .NET programmers to leverage their current programming language (C# or Visual Basic .NET) when programming for ActiveReports for .NET. ActiveReports 6 Professional is based on a per-developer licensing scheme, and it is royalty-free to distribute. Data Dynamics Reports integrates into Web and Windows Forms applications and provides a rich API with which to create and modify reports. Features include: master reports, ActiveAnalysis 2 (formerly Data Dynamics Analysis) is a complete OLAP, data visualization and Business Intelligence component for Silverlight, Windows Forms and ASP.NET that allows you to rapidly embed interactive, ad hoc Business Intelligence features for both Windows and Web applications. additional chart types, banded list data regions, barcode report items, formatted text report items, themes and data visualizers.

GrapeCity ActiveReports includes export filters for Adobe PDF, Microsoft Excel, RTF, HTML, Text and TIFF formats. ActiveReports can be used in both Windows-based and Web-based applications.

ActiveReports also includes a Windows Viewer control that supports split and multi-page views, has a Table of Contents pane with a new Thumbnail view tab, and can perform text searches of reports. It also allows you to customize the viewer's toolbar.

The Professional Edition of ActiveReports features an End-User Report Designer control that allows you to host the report designer in your own applications to provide end users with the ability to create and modify reports. It also includes a server-side Web Viewer control that takes advantage of ASP.NET's HTTP Handlers to allow you to display reports without having to write custom code for export to popular formats such as HTML and PDF.

New features to ActiveReports includes a chart control, updated memory management features, a RichText control that is capable of rendering HTML and RTF tables, and an integrated script window with syntax highlighting. ActiveReports additionally allows you to bind data to custom classes based on the iList interface in addition to the other data types already supported in previous versions, and includes enhanced connection timeout capabilities.

ActiveReports Professional Edition

  • Provides an integrated report designer
  • Supports OleDB, SQL Server, and XML Datasources, along with ADO.NET (Data Readers, Data Tables, DataViews, and DataSets)
  • Includes a customizable Windows Viewer control
  • Provides Crystal and Microsoft Access Import utilities
  • Provides HTML, PDF, Excel, RTF, TIFF, and Text exports
  • Includes an End-User Report Designer control
  • Includes an ASP.NET Server Web Viewer control

ActiveReports Product Features

  • Fully integrated Chart control
  • RichText control with support for RTF tables and HTML tags
  • Support for databinding to classes that implement the iList interface
  • Streamlined PDF exports with WMF Files processed as metafiles
  • Enhanced RichText control with the ability to render RTF Tables and HTML formatted text
  • Enhanced script editor window with syntax highlighting
  • New CacheToDisk memory performance enhancement
  • Binding to custom classes that implement the iList interface
  • Enhancements to the PDF export to allow for smaller filesizes when using windows metafiles
  • Thumbnail View tab in the Table of Contents pane of the Viewer control
  • Enhanced OutputFormat
  • New Version Switcher tool