Smart IDE for iOS/OS X development

Intelligent coding assistance

Smart editor

Code fast with an IDE that analyzes your context and understands your project. Benefit from more kinds of code completion and formatting than you can imagine.

Refactorings & and code generation

Focus on important tasks and let AppCode take the routine away: from simple property declaration to inserting complex code chunks via live templates.

Code analysis

Write clean and correct code with AppCode. Static analysis for all supported languages will highlight every error or warning and suggest quick-fixes right as you type.

Built-in tools & integrations

Run & debug

Run and debug your projects in AppCode easily. Use the debugger UI with LLDB as the backend. AppCode will show values right in the editor and help you evaluate expressions.

Unit Testing

AppCode supports OCUnit, XCTest, Google Test and Kiwi testing frameworks out of the box, and provides a built-in test runner together with a powerful UI to investigate test results. It can even generate code for you as you write tests.

For more details download the sheet - Download