Mobile Development

App Development for All Platforms

Powerful enough to build any data-centric app imaginable – in record time.

MobileTogether combines easy-to-use functionality for creating elegant apps with an affordable price that includes unlimited developers, unlimited apps, and unlimited users.

How is it Different?

Because your single design in the MobileTogether Designer builds both the app front-end and the back-end server logic, you’ll have the most sophisticated, native apps in the hands of iOS, Android, and Windows users faster than ever before.

How Does it Work?

  • Developer or technical user builds a mobile app in MobileTogether Designer, which includes a sophisticated app simulator for complete app testing.
  • Developer deploys the app to your MobileTogether Server (either on-premises or in the cloud).
  • You have a choice of deployment method:

    Instant deployment: End users access your app(s) via the free MobileTogether Mobile App (for in-house or enterprise apps).

    App store deployment: Developer compiles code auto-generated by MobileTogether and submits the app to the app stores (for custom-branded or customer-facing apps).