ReSharper C++

ReSharper C++ makes Visual Studio a better IDE for C++ developers, providing on-the-fly code analysis, quick-fixes, powerful search and navigation, smart code completion, refactorings, a variety of code generation options and other features to help increase your everyday productivity.

ReSharper C++ currently supports C, C++03 and C++11 in Visual Studio 2010, 2012, 2013 and 2015.

Code Analysis

ReSharper C++ starts analyzing code as soon as you open your project in Visual Studio editor, and keeps reanalyzing files as you edit them, detecting errors and possible problems before you even compile.

Coding Assistance

ReSharper C++ provides a set of context actions that target C++ code. Context actions are optional code transformations that usually help switch between alternative syntax options. Similar to quick-fixes, they are made available when you press Alt+Enter.

Navigation and Search

With ReSharper C++, finding your way through the source code get a lot easier. Just search for declarations, members, method calls, or members of an inheritance hierarchy with simple shortcuts.

Code Generation

ReSharper C++ provides a wide variety of ways to generate boilerplate code. One way of generating code that we described above relies on quick-fixes to automatically generate symbols based on their existing usages.

Code Style Assistance

ReSharper C++ allows you to configure and apply code formatting rules and a naming style that you prefer to use when working on a specific solution. To ensure a consistent code style across the entire team, you can save your formatting and naming preferences to a settings file and share it among your teammates.

Unit Testing

ReSharper C++ comes with a unit test runner in Visual Studio that supports Google Test and Boost.Test frameworks. You can run and debug unit tests, as well as add tests to different sessions, right from the text editor, via the Alt+Enter contextual menu.

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